The Marvels program was developed by Dr. Mohamed Ebeida, a reasearch scientist at Sandia National Laboratories, in New Mexico in 2016 and the underlying teams won more than 25 trophies during this short period including winning the NM regional last year. Recently, Dr. Ebeida moved to Dallas and started a new journey with The Marvels of EPIC, and MAS, the first Muslim community robotics teams in Dallas. Whereas, since last September "two months ago", They have progressed massively in their knowledge of programming, building, 3D modeling, and marketing robots. They are looking to spread STEM to youth around the world. Their mission goes past robotics; it is about inspiring and getting ahead of the future. Additionally, they look forward to spreading their knowledge to other communities of youth.


To instill the younger generation with love for STEM guided by comportments of Courage, Temperance, Prudence, and Justice


To promote STEM focused education, training, coaching and mentoring of underserved, and underrepresented minority youth to enhance their ability to excel in science and technology related disciplines and to further their engagement with industry and businesses in solving complex problems.
By virtue of live workshops, direct mentoring and building a team focused approach, the Marvels will develop and disseminate curriculum and training to all Partner Institutions selected. It will also highlight via all media outlets, where possible, the good the target youth brings to the community by showcasing their projects, teams and participation in various scientific (and competitive) events and conferences.
The Marvels shall support the process of patenting & exploiting technologies developed through these initiatives.

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